One comment on “How do you respond to people you disagree with? (Proposition 8, DOMA)

  1. Personally I think you have to try to dialogue with people who disagree with you. (And I’m using “you” to mean everyone, not just *you* 🙂 ) While you might not be able to convince many people to change their views, some will. (My inevitably Mormon thought process immediately jumps to Abinadi, who was burned at the stake for his views and never knew in mortal life that he ended up converting Alma, one of his enemies.) And I think it’s clear that the progress that the Mormon church, both as an institution and a collection of people, *has* made on LGBT issues (e.g., the vast majority of Mormons don’t think it should be illegal to have gay sex, and a lot support anti-discrimination ordinances (and the church did in SLC) and/or civil unions) is due to knowing thoughtful, good people who disagreed with them and slowly over time coming to shift their views. I admit that I’ve taken a Rob Portman-esque path–it’s because of family members, friends, mission buddies, ward members, etc. that I’ve been able to really understand the issues with compassion and understanding. While this type of progress is slow and so far may not be as much as we want, it’s a lot better than nothing (I think).

    Doing that kind of dialoguing with people who adamantly disagree can be painful and frustrating, though, and it’s totally OK to take a break sometimes for sanity’s sake. And some people just aren’t in a situation where they can or should do it at all, and that’s OK too. But I really think somebody needs to be doing it for any progress to happen.

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