7 comments on “Gay Mormon Jimmy Hales comes out on YouTube

  1. Thanks for sharing this Ryan– I love getting more insight into your own journey. Also, reading the comments to his video were insightful as well (specifically about what “coming out” really means to the gay community). Food for thought as always. Love

  2. It is incorrect to say that Mormons believe “acting on same-sex attraction will send you to hell.” First, you should know Mormons don’t believe in three kingdoms of glory, and everyone on this earth will go to one of them. As a fellow Mormon (and lesbian), please do not say false things about our church.

    • Hi Polly, the part about hell is a quote from another blogger who is gay and Mormon. However, I can revise my part to give context. Why do you feel it’s important for other people to know Mormons believe in three kingdoms of glory rather than “hell”?

      • Ryan, because it’s the truth! You know that Mormons don’t believe in “hell” as most Christians imagine it & we do believe in three degrees of glory, which means, in effect, everyone will be “saved.” We most certainly do NOT think that acting on same-sex attraction will send anyone to hell, and uou know that. Do you want falsehoods spread on your blog?

      • Thanks for clarifying. If you can provide me with a link to the Church’s website related to 3 kingdoms/no “hell” doctrine I’ll gladly add a link and make a revision.

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