5 comments on “Gays and lesbians are pedophiles and child molesters, according to LDS Church Handbook of Instructions

  1. Where did you expect this to go? Anytime you single out one type of person as worthy of such an annotation it will only get expanded. Keeping track of anyone’s past sins brings out the most self-righteous and puritanical characteristics in people. What the handbook of instructions omits is the doctrinal justification for retaining a remembrance of sins as a consequence of having sinned. We are taught that everything in the CHI has a doctrinal & scriptural foundation. So where are the scriptures to support annotations? This practice is very un-Christian.

  2. I have never heard of a gay person in the church molesting children..only those choosen by the spirit threw the bishop have molested children..i read once that the present prophet of the church tried tho have sex with a lady from lehi Utah when he was a young merried bishop..the scout masters were choosen by the bishop also and evan some bishops have molested kids in there ward

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