3 comments on “Why should the government recognize your (same-sex) relationship?

    • Thanks for your encouragement, Ironstamp! And thanks for the article. It’s funny to me that it appears a lot of opposition to same-sex marriage is about the fear that religious institutions will be forced to marry same-sex couples yet much of the legislation on same-sex marriage includes provisions and exemptions for religious institutions.

      • The thing for me is that the Church of England seems to claim exclusive rights to conduct religious marriages and think they should be able to stop religious same-sex marriages altogether. Yet there are many churches and religious leaders who are OK with conducting same-sex marriages. My feeling is if they don’t want to conduct marriages then they don’t have to, but they can’t stop others from doing it. Can’t believe we still have such a long way to go. Marriage is probably not the route I’d choose for myself – the whole institution of it is homophobic to me – but I’d like the choice please!

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