3 comments on “To my pixelated boyfriend: A Valentine’s day message on societal acceptance of gays and lesbians

  1. Austin and I both remember as young boys seeing gay couples drop hands when they neared our blatantly conservative families. We’ve discussed the shame we felt as a small child both for them and from them. I’m sure it was unintended but we vowed we would never push a kid further into the closet by feeding into the idea that we feel any shame or embarassment from our love for one another.

  2. Thanks, Todd. I’m glad you brought attention to situations like that. I came across a similar situation on Facebook not too long ago. A parent commented about one of her children asking what happens when a girl marries a girl. All sorts of comments ensued that made me wonder about children who might be gay/lesbian and the effect those comments would have on them (assuming those types of comments are also said at the dinner table).

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