3 comments on “LDS Church members in Minnesota encouraged to support anti-family legislation

  1. This is an interesting dynamic going on. It’s as if both the church, churched and the unchurched are sorting through lingering hate, hurt and misconceptions. Personally, I don’t think it’s good to get up off your bus seat and go sit where you’re told. If Heavenly father is real then you can only follow the spirit and if his spirit is in the church than that is where you will be. Otherwise a comparison to Nazi Germany or segregation isn’t out of line. The blame being thrown back and forth now amongst us is proof that we are in fact under persecution. But I think the best we can do to help ourselves is to stay true regardless of any tactics that may be in use. I deny there is anything remaining to debate. The debate itself is a win for divisiveness and partaking in it is perpetuating slanderous insinuation. In no way can the state save us. It’s us and God alone. Thank you for blogging.

  2. Your welcome. My responses might only makes sense in my head. I was trying to comment on the broader spectrum of the issue while disassociating from the popular vote or “debate”. I think the acceptance of a “gay debate” is pretty startling. Let alone a popular vote on the validity of a person or group. There seems to be a great lack of critical thinking and large scale deception like when the jewish people willingly left there homes and boarded trains to nowhere known. Or when Japanese American Citizens dressed up in their best clothes and built their own internment camps in the middle of nowhere U.S.A because the government asked them nicely. Our issue as exiles has a similar complicity.

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