2 comments on “If same-sex marriage becomes legal then straight people will stop having babies and going to church

  1. Cheryl Pflug, a Republican state senator in Washington said of her support to bring marriage equality to her state:

    “I don’t feel diminished when another human being is allowed to exercise the same rights that I enjoy, I would feel diminished if I voted to deny others the right to exercise those same rights and freedoms.”

    I think she’d agree with this post.

  2. While there are a few valid concerns about religious freedom (Bob Jones University lost its tax exempt status back in the 70s because it wouldn’t allow interracial dating, for example–if homosexuality becomes as accepted as interracial relationships then some church-affiliated institutions could be in similar trouble down the road), the logic that marriage equality would actually harm hetero marriages (or lead to the end of humanity???!!!) is just stunningly unsupported by anyone in any logical way.

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