5 comments on “The Candle of the Lord: testimony is found by bearing (sharing) it

  1. Ryan, thanks for your words and your perspective. Thanks also for referencing my blog!

    I find it interesting that I can apply the salt analogy just as soundly to my experience of coming to terms with my homosexuality as one can to his or her testimony of religious truth. The peace that I’ve felt as I’ve accepted my circumstances is just as real as any spiritual witness I’ve had. Words cannot adequately describe it. Therefore, I find it interesting that there are so many who would deny my experience as real or valid when they themselves don’t know what it’s like.

  2. Amen to the temple experience. I felt the same way as you did (that it was weird and problematic) and for many years I thought my antipathy toward the temple was somehow my fault for not being “spiritually prepared” enough. Now my sister (who escorted me) and I laugh about my deer-in-the-headlights expression I exhibited throughout the whole thing.

  3. Ryan,
    While aspects of our lives and beliefs differ, I appreciate your authenticity and know you to be a good and sincere man. I value our friendship. As you know, I have been on a quest for spiritual truth as well. Things that once seemed so clear to me now are re-evaluated as I choose what to believe and where to place my faith. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    All the best to you and Dan this new year,

  4. I really wish we (as a Mormon culture) took D&C 46:13 AND 14 seriously–it says that some are not given a knowledge-type testimony but that if they choose to believe they too will have eternal life. In other words, there doesn’t need to be all this pressure (which there undeniably is) to say “I know”; in fact it is very harmful and goes against scripture.

    Thank you for telling your story honestly and bravely. I think it’s a great and important story.

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