One comment on “Are religious freedom and Judeo-Christian morality on the decline in America?

  1. I started questioning the old “world in decline” claims years ago when experience and observation challenged them, and I don’t think they hold up. Not in a long-term perspective, and only in very specifically cherry-picked short-term (compared to human history) measures. There are and always will be some who would, as Oaks proclaims, love to see religions hogtied and socially impotent, but I think most people are genuinely aiming to ensure equal rights and freedoms (including for the religious, on principle [rather than dogma], even if some of them do disdain some religions) and to establish a higher morality than we have held ourselves to in the past. But to many among the religious right wing, since abortions are legal in the U.S., divorce is common, and the trend is towards legalizing marriage for same-sex partners, it’s all hell in a handbasket, and all of the measures mentioned in the lecture above are only masking the true undercurrent of moral decay. I believe they will always say so because power and community cohesion are commonly built by inciting passion against a common (even if fabricated and somewhat abstract) enemy. Is it possible the kind of religious adherence needed to keep people from questioning the necessity of their institutional churches requires, in part, the emotional and social reactions conjured by a “world in decline” belief?

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