6 comments on “Mormons A. Dean Byrd and Douglas A. Abbott assert the homosexual culture promotes sex with children (pedophilia)

  1. Sometimes I wonder why statistics like that link you posted even exist. Where are people getting these samples? Have they ever heard of appropriate norming processes?

  2. What really frustrates me about claims like this is that while they are so easily proven false, readers of this type of slander rarely look for credible sources or a balanced view. Why they don’t is another topic entirely, and one I won’t get into here. But in just a few seconds, I typed “sexual orientation and pedophilia” into a Google search engine and found these CREDIBLE, peer reviewed sources on the subject. One website, called “Facts About Homosexuality and Child Molestation,” is a discussion pieced together by several studies conducted by UC Davis and states:

    “The distinction between a victim’s gender and a perpetrator’s sexual orientation is important because many child molesters don’t really have an adult sexual orientation. They have never developed the capacity for mature sexual relationships with other adults, either men or women. Instead, their sexual attractions focus on children – boys, girls, or children of both sexes”

    They then go on to discuss the difference between child molesters and pedophiles, and then circle back to the present subject:

    “For the present discussion, the important point is that many child molesters cannot be meaningfully described as homosexuals, heterosexuals, or bisexuals (in the usual sense of those terms) because they are not really capable of a relationship with an adult man or woman. Instead of gender, their sexual attractions are based primarily on age. These individuals – who are often characterized as fixated – are attracted to children, not to men or women.”

    The author goes on to quote a study from Groth and Birnbaum who studied males convicted of sexual assault against children in the state of Massachusetts. While they found that 40% of those convicted were of regressed heterosexual orientation, NONE of the convicts were homosexual. (The other 47% were considered “fixated,” a type of psychological illness, and just 13% were regressed bisexuals).

    In another article by Gregory M. Herek entitled “Myths About Sexual Orientation: A Lawyers Guide to Social Science Research,” he compares research on a number of topics including “homosexuality and child molestation,” and concludes that:

    “The social science research reviewed here consistently indicates that lesbians and gay men, as a group, no not differ in significant ways from heterosexuals except in terms of their sexual preference.”

    There is real, scientific research conducted about the psychology of pedophiles and child molesters and proves that the majority of abusers are people so mentally disabled that they have no sexual orientation except towards children. Further, it’s no secret that people in a place of power will use fear and fallacy to put their adversary down in order to make themselves seem holier, wiser, richer, bigger or better or, as the case of A. Dean Byrd, to gain religious celebrity and status.

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