12 comments on “Old words erased, new perspective gained: a message from USU Aggie fan, Faf, of The Refraction. Gay slurs are not okay.

  1. Amen! (And I’m glad you didn’t express your ganger at that twitter response in kind by using “bitch” as a slur against women–also something that our culture needs to work on.)

    • I was afraid of using “bitch” in the post for fear that it would come across as exactly that – a slur against women. Such was not my intent and I really hope that wasn’t communicated. I hoped to communicate that I, too, can be in the wrong and need to watch myself. Do you think I should change it?

      • I dunno, that’s how it appeared to me at first, but on second read it came across as “I’m glad I *didn’t* use that word” and using it in a context condemning it is fine (in my opinion). And like you said, it highlighted your point that you recognize faults like this in yourself, as they are in all of us. So I think it’s ok to leave, but maybe you could clarify its use?

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