2 comments on “Don’t tell your conservative friends!

  1. Ryan,

    A friend of mine told a story today about an incident that occurred in his class at BYUI. The professor asked a couple of men and women to sit on a panel discussion and pretend they were gay and wanted to attend the school. He asked the class to pose questions to this panel and state their concerns about having gays at the school. The class then proceeded to interrogate the panel and say some incredibly insensitive and damning comments. After about 30-40 minutes, the professor stopped them and said that he sincerely apologized to those in the class that experienced homosexual feelings and had to endure having the class tear them apart. The class immediately fell silent as the students realized they had just participated in a horrific display of intolerance and hate toward their own classmates. The whole nature of the discussion then changed to a more open, accepting, and tolerant tone.

    To some degree, I think this change of heart is what happens when we reveal ourselves to those who know and love us. When we put a face to the discussion, it becomes real to people and no longer an abstract issue that is easy to dispair. All of a sudden they see Ryan and Dan and Steve, people they know and respect, and not just some image created by the popular media.

    Even within the gay community there can be divisions. This saddens me. I would like to think that we, who seek acceptance, understanding, and tolerance from others, would show the same for our own. You and I met about three years ago under different circumstances, but although we may now differ on a few schools of thought, our friendship remains strong because we genuinely care about and respect each other. I hope it will always be this way, and pray others will likewise rise above any real or perceived differences and acknowledge the goodness that lies within us all.

    Love you,

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