10 comments on “It Gets Better

  1. Great post, Ryan. It’s amazing how openly living your own truth gives other people the permission to do the same, no matter what it is they might be trying to keep hidden under the surface.

  2. Thanks for this wonderful post, Ryan! This is a beautiful and well-written post and I hope that the love and acceptance that you encourage can continue to be embraced by others.

  3. you just healed my heart and gave hope to this momentarily depleted straight ally that I am. Your love relationship is beautiful and adds strength, hope and beauty to mine and to the world. BTW, did you know that in the world of ecosystems and especially in those areas where we might most likely say that a line exists between two different ecosystems, it is there on those supposed borders, those imaginary edges that we find the most comprehensive and stunning variety of species on the planet. Furthermore, this diversity of species is what insures survival for us all! Thanks for being such an important part of recycling the flow of love!

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